King George VI - First School of Chris Hadfield

Proud to be a King George Knight!
Photo Credit: Darryl Lahteenmaa

Chris Hadfield with Emm Gryner
Photo Credit: Darryl Lahteenmaa

"The Sky Is Not The Limit"

At King George VI School, our primary mission is to ensure that each child develops to her/his full potential as a person. It is our aim to provide an environment which recognizes the uniqueness, self-worth and dignity of each student and to provide opportunities for students to acquire the basic skills, knowledge and attitudes required for their continuing education.

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Principal’s Message

The staff of King George VI Public School has high expectations for our students.  This year we will use the four TRIBES agreements to remind students about proper behaviour at school:
· Attentive Listening
· Mutual Respect
· Participation (Right to Pass)
· Appreciation (No Put Downs)

The staff and I look forward to working together with you to provide the best possible educational programmes for our students.  We trust that your children will find their educational experiences and associations at King George rewarding.

Developing the literacy and numeracy skills of our students is the focus of our programs. However, one cannot attain skills in isolation. I believe that we are part of a learning community that must provide a safe and secure environment and foster character attributes, such as respect and responsibility while improving student achievement. My role is to support teachers as they create activities that enhance children’s learning. This support varies, and keeps my job interesting.

As communication plays such a vital role in connecting our school with families and the community, I invite you to take full advantage of this website and/or to contact the school with your questions, concerns, and suggestions. We value your input.

2013-2014 promises to be a wonderful year for King George VI Public School.  Thank you for being an important part of it.

Mrs. R. Kohut